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Personal Umbrella Protection provides extra liability coverage that can help protect assets, such as your home, car and boat. It also helps cover defense costs, attorney fees and other charges associated with lawsuits.

Umbrella Policy Answers

What is umbrella insurance?

Umbrella insurance is a secondary coverage that protects more than one property or asset with an extra layer of liability protection. It kicks in when your underlying or primary policy doesn’t provide sufficient liability protection. An umbrella policy provides an additional layer of liability protection that can be used with any of your other policies or even any policy from another insurance company including your boat, motorcycle, all-terrain vehicle and snowmobile.

For example, if the liability limits are exhausted on your auto insurance, your umbrella insurance would take over and provide you with additional protection of at least $1 million or up to the level of coverage you purchased. If you have $500,000 liability coverage on your auto policy and $1 million umbrella coverage, your total auto liability coverage is increased to $1.5 million.

When would I need umbrella insurance?

Imagine if your dog were to bite a neighbor’s child. Or if there’s an accident on your rental property. Or a fire in your condo spreads to other units. What would happen if you or a family member missed a stop sign and struck and killed a pedestrian? If any of these things happened to you, there’s a good chance your current liability limits wouldn’t be adequate to protect your assets—or your future earnings.

How much coverage do I need?

A lot of factors determine the amount of coverage you need. Your financial status, lifestyle, and existing coverage are all relevant, but in liability lawsuits, a judgment could exceed your net worth. Talk to your local agent for advice on the amount of coverage that’s right for you.

Can I get just an umbrella policy?

To qualify for umbrella insurance coverage, you must also carry auto insurance with a certain amount of liability coverage. Other policies you have must meet certain minimum liability coverage levels and other conditions may also apply. Ask us about this for more information about adding the extra protection of umbrella insurance.

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