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Ways to Make Your Home More Fire Resistant

Homes today burn an estimated eight times faster than in past decades. In fact, flashover, the point at which intense heat causes an entire room to become engulfed in flames, now occurs less than five minutes after a fire starts, whereas it used to take 30 minutes. This faster progression gives homeowners, firefighters and other first-responders less time to react, creating significant hazards to safety and property.

Source: PropertyCasualty360

Did you know that our modern home construction materials are actually more flammable than older materials? According to Property Casualty 360, they burn at a much faster rate—in some cases, between a 2X and 3X rate of burn.

Some of the other things that surprise me from the article were that open floor plans help spread fires in the home and that the plastic and polyurethane foam that cause thick, black smoke.

What are some ways you can make your Florida home more fire resistant?

  1. Install a dry sprinkler system to avoid fire in the first place (don't know what that is? I didn't either. A dry sprinkler system is filled with air or nitrogen instead of water.).
  2. Install the proper smoke detection alarms in most rooms of the house.
  3. Use traditional building materials, since they burn much more slowly than newer construction materials.
  4. If you can help it, choose a closed floor plan instead of an open one (that one hurts, I know)
  5. Space out your furniture in your closed-floor plan, if you can.

Written by Tyler Small on Monday, August 22, 2016