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The One Thing That Kept This Woman From Losing 116lbs

The most important change I made was my attitude. I didn’t need a diet; I needed to change my life. I knew I wasn’t healthy. I felt miserable, and I was missing out on life. I originally wanted to lose over 80 lbs to be at a weight that was considered healthy. I mentally couldn’t face that number so I decided on 80 lbs as my goal. I focused on my two daily goals and only told myself that I needed to move forward.

Source: Nerd Fitness

I was reading on Nerd Fitness this morning about this woman named Amy who lost 116lbs, but it was no easy task. Many of the obstacles that she faced are all things that everybody faces with anything they set out to accomplish—not just in the area of weight loss.

Amy thought that she had to follow a specific dieting plan perfectly. She thought that if she always ate salads and never ate cookies that she'd be successful, but she'd eventually give in, think she was a failure and then give up. She'd also make excuses about why she couldn't work out—it's too cold, or hot outside, she's too busy, or couldn't "find the time".

Then, she started researching everything she could about exercising, losing weight, and health. She read and spent a lot of time planning and preparing. The problem was this time that she had what I like to call "paralysis by analysis". It's where you spend all your time getting ready to do something, but you keep making excuses without realizing that you're just making excuses to stall yourself from having to actually do the hard work.

In the world of insurance, the way that you get the best rate for your life insurance policy is by losing weight, not smoking, and by doing your best to avoid diseases. In fact, one of the healthiest things you can do is to lose weight. Most diseases that plague Americans are caused by an unhealthy lifestyle.

As Amy has said and shown, researching more about weight loss and waiting for the perfect time won't help the problem—you have to take action right now.

Don't worry about it and stop making excuses. You don't need all the information and you don't need everything to be perfect, just go and do the best you can.

Written by Tyler Small on Thursday, August 25, 2016