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Cape Coral is Included in Top Ten Cities to Retire

Among the employed participants in the EBRI survey, 40 percent cited cost of living and daily expenses as impediments to saving for retirement. So if simply making ends meet prevents workers from growing a nest egg for the future, what other options provide a pathway to a comfortable retirement? We suggest relocating to an area where you can stretch your dollar without sacrificing your lifestyle.

Source: wallethub.com

Wallethub has a list of the Top-Ten Cities to Retire and I would expect that there would be cities from Florida on the list. In fact, I would be surprised if there weren't more than two or three cities from Florida on the list.

But lo and behold! Cape Coral came in seventh place in the top ten! In the nation! That's definitely surprising considering the stiff competition 

The Florida cities included on the list were (in-order):

  1. Orlando
  2. Tampa
  3. Miami
  4. Cape Coral

Being a Florida native myself, I'm surprised that I don't see Cocoa Beach, Sarasota, Seaside, or even Jacksonville! I'd consider any of those places to retire better than Cape Coral, but maybe Wallethub knows something I don't (or maybe I know something that Wallethub doesn't?).

I grew up in Cape Coral. My parents live there. As I write this, one is retired and the other is still working. Cape Coral is a fine place to live and work, but you'll want to make sure to stay toward the southern and western regions of what we colloquially refer to as "the Cape".


It would be interesting to figure out exactly how they arrived at the conclusions that they did. If you check out the source article, it just gives a score number on a table for how it ranks for things like affordability, activities, quality of life, and medical care. Maybe Cape Coral is better than I'm giving it credit for?

Cape Coral is just to the west of our Way Better Insurance office across the river.


Written by Tyler Small on Tuesday, August 23, 2016