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Best Ice Cream in Fort Myers - Love Boat Ice Cream Review

It's a Wednesday night after dinner and my wife is a school teacher. She goes to bed early is my point.

I'm in the other room typing on my computer—as my job requires—and suddenly I hear her slinking in behind be. She slides her fingers around my mid-section, hugging me from behind and leans in to whisper in my ear.

"Can we get ice cream?" she melodically says, with all the southern sweetness of warm maple syrup.

"Sure," I reply, in my usual dry tone, "Where would you like to go? Love Boat?"

"Uh huh," she coos back.

I tell you that story because it's become almost a weekly ritual in my household ever since my wife moved to Fort Myers from Lawrenceville, Georgia in the summer of 2016. She can't get enough of the ice cream at Love Boat—and neither can I for that matter. From the first time I took her there at the end of a date when she was visiting me while we were betrothed, but still living a long distance from each other, we've always made an effort to go.

Every time we go, while we're standing in line, my wife is always talking about what ice cream she'd like to try the next time we go to Love Boat and how much her parents would enjoy it. We haven't yet received our ice cream on this visit and she's already looking forward to her next visit.

There's usually a line when we go. The building is small and the line tends to twist and bend through the tiny house as it traces out the door and sometimes around the side of the building. And those are the lucky few who can find a parking spot—in either the front or back of the building—as vacationers and locals alike make their pilgrimage to the Fort Myers hot spot. Those determined to get Love Boat Ice Cream sometimes park down the street and walk about a tenth of a mile because the ice cream is that good.

That's one of the allures about Love Boat: it's just a tiny, somewhat run-down house which makes homemade ice cream. Dozens of people all huddled around, licking their ice cream cones and dipping their spoons in their sizable cups full of the delicious desserts.

"All our ice cream is made here," the employees will tell you if you ask about what brands they use.

There's a German word used in the art world and I think it applies to Love Boat Ice Cream: Gesamtkunstwerk. It translates roughly as "total work" and means that the product is made better by the experience surrounding the product. In this case, you're not only getting ice cream; you're getting to experience a local icon with all of it's quaintness and nostalgia, it's parking discomforts and crowded interior all seems to melt away once you're holding your very own cup or cone of Love Boat Ice Cream.

At the time that I write this, there's a newer, bigger location under construction just down the street. Here's to hoping the new location is able to not only retain the excellent home made ice cream, but also that distinctly American past time of visiting such a quaint and homely little ice cream parlor, the way that grandma and grandpa remember from yesteryear.

Written by Tyler Small on Tuesday, September 13, 2016