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Best Burger Restaurants in Fort Myers - Ford's Garage

My wife and I were home for Labor Day and I was preparing dinner for some friends by grilling some Bubba burgers on my wife's George Foreman Grill. I'm focused in the kitchen attempting to keep track of how long each patty is cooking as the succulent meat is oozing out delicious juices and sizzling on the hot iron.

"That burger I had Friday night was good!" my wife blurts while she's sitting on the couch watching one of the several police procedurals on TV.

"What?" I yell back, unable to hear her over the snapping and crackling of the cooking meat.

"My burger... at Ford's Garage; it was really good!" she replied.

When you go to Ford's Garage, it's not just about the burgers, but it's about the history. The restaurant is located about a mile from the actual winter residence of Henry Ford and, due to some licensing discussions in 2014, the restaurant is able to use the Ford Motor Company's blue oval logo. When you visit the restaurant, the walls are lined with old pictures of Edison, Ford, and Firestone who all played a vital role in the city's history over a hundred years ago.

The restaurant definitely benefits from the location ever since it took over the old Morgan House restaurant when downtown Fort Myers was wallowing as an almost deserted ghost town. The timing for the recent city rejuvenation and the local, historically-themed restaurants came together at just the right time.

One thing that Ford's Garage does really well is it carries the theme to the nth degree. The waitresses wear tied-off mechanic uniforms and jean shorts. The bathroom sinks are car tires with the faucets as gas pump nozzles. The napkins are (clean) mechanic rags with an metal mechanic's ring tie. Heck, there's even a friggin' Model-T up in the ceiling; it's elevated as if it's being worked on underneath. And it probably would be too, if it wasn't for the neon-lit, full-service bar underneath.

I'm a sucker for bacon and bleu cheese on my burgers and Ford's Garage scratches that itch by providing the Black-n-Bleu, also known as the "Lee County Sheriff - Mike Scott" at the time I write this. My wife likes the patty melt; it's a big, juicy burger topped with bacon and sandwiched between two buttery slices of Texas toast.

They have an excellent and diverse selection of beer, whether it's domestic or import, and they have a dizzying selection of house drafts. Make sure to ask your waitress what's good and what they'd recommend. You can't go wrong with either a bottle, glass, or a tower. Ask your waitress about the tower; it's kinda like a tall pitcher with a nozzle at the bottom.

The restaurant is owned by the Kearns Restaurant Group which also owns The Lodge, Capones, Cabos, The Boat House, as well as the other Ford's Garage locations and the president Daniel Kearns has been quoted as saying, "We've tried to create our own little Disney World down here," and to that end, I'd say they've succeeded.

Written by Tyler Small on Monday, September 12, 2016