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Alligator Season Began August 15th in Florida

Alligator hunting season started Monday in Florida, with more than 6,000 hunters issued permits to kill the big reptiles.

Source: Orlando Sentinel

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Alligator season started on August 15th.

My wife hates alligators. I'm thankful that she moved from Georgia to south Florida despite the population of alligators that we have here.

There is always a question as to whether the population of an animal is too large or whether they should be protected.

I'm thankful that alligators are mostly protected from hunting and fishing, but I also can agree that it's good to have an open hunting season so that the hunters can get their fill of hunting them without killing too many of them.

I used to feel terrible about killing any animals—even the toothy, scary ones—but I also realized that nature is scary. Animals are killing other animals all the time. Is there anything morally wrong about an alligator killing and eating a turtle? I feel bad for the turtle—no one wants to get eaten—but the alligator's gotta eat too.

That's one of the joys about living here in Fort Myers, Florida is that we get to enjoy a little more exotic wildlife than your typical American city.

Written by Tyler Small on Friday, August 26, 2016