How Do I Get the Cheapest Car and Home Insurance Possible?

Published on March 11, 2016

How Do I Get the Cheapest Car and Home Insurance Possible?

It's no secret that when people shop for insurance, they are usually only concerned about price. If given the choice, most people would opt out of buying insurance altogether. You get angry and frustrated when your insurance company raises the rates. We all would be angry and frustrated; and rightly so.

At the same time, that's why having an independent insurance agent is so crucial to getting the best prices while also making sure that you are sufficiently covered.

Imagine for a moment that you are travelling to a foreign country where you don't speak the language. It's just you on your own in a culture that is completely alien to your way of life. How confused would you be when you try and try to speak with and communicate with people who don't speak your language? It's very difficult, right? Now, imagine that you have a guide with you who knows the language and the culture. He or she can tell you what people are saying and can even explain if you did something to offend someone because of the different cultures and what you should do to get along with the indigenous peoples and how you could have a much more fulfilling experience interacting with them.

Your independent insurance agent is your guide to the difficult, frustrating, and often complex foreign world of insurance. Since we're not an insurance company, but an insurance agency, we're able to shop with multiple insurance companies to find you the best rates for the same apples-to-apples coverage. We have accounts and tools which allow us to quickly see rates from lots of insurance companies. If you have your insurance directly with the insurance company and not the insurance agency, then when the insurance company raises their rates you have only two options: lower your coverage and be underinsured, or just pay the higher rate. If you are with an insurance agent and the insurance company raises your rate, you call your insurance agent and he or she will be able to shop your policy around to the lowest bidder while maintaining the same apples-to-apples coverage. Your independent insurance agent is your guide to finding the best prices.

Give us a try. Let us run some insurance quotes for you and see if we can lower your insurance premiums by shopping and finding the best rates available for you. We're not a "captive" insurance agency which means that we aren't beholden to a large corporation with millions of shareholders. We have the freedom to find you the best coverage at the best prices.